Congratulations to the 36 teams PLUS all the mentors, volunteers, sponsors, friends and family members from California and India who participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition Monterey Bay Regional from March 27-30, 2024.

This year, the event was lucky to have by Collin Fultz, the director of FRC, in attendance! Another highlight of the event was the Women in STEM gathering, generously sponsored by Apple, featuring over 100 enthusiastic participants. This gathering was made even more memorable with delicious ice cream from Revival, a locally and woman-owned business, and an empowering talk by Kate Bergeron, Apple’s Vice President of Hardware.

In addition to the competition, the event fostered mentorship and networking through a well-received mentor networking lunch attended by 50 mentors. Discussions and exchanges at this lunch underscored the vibrant community spirit inherent to FIRST events. The mentor lounge, declared the best of the season, offered a relaxing environment with coffee, tea, and comfortable seating, further enhancing the experience for mentors. 

The competition itself was a showcase of ingenuity and teamwork. PG&E’s participation, offering information on internships and opportunities, highlighted the event’s role in bridging the gap between education and industry, ensuring that the spirit of innovation continues beyond the competition.

We’d like to extend an immense THANK YOU to all the sponsors, mentors and volunteers who contributed to this very successful Regional.

We hope you too had a memorable experience! 


FIRST Impact Award

The FIRST Impact Award is the most prestigious award at FIRST, it honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST.   

The FIRST Impact Award is presented to the team judged to have the most significant measurable impact of its partnerships among its participants and community over a sustained period, not just a single build season. The winner is able to demonstrate progress towards FIRST’s mission of transforming our culture.  The recipient team will be invited to a FIRST Championship where it will compete for the FIRST Impact Award against winners from other qualifying events.

Like many teams, this team ORGANIZED and DELIVERED SIGNIFICANT outreach to elementary and middle school students. Their reach for FLL teams increased 400-plus percent with 1000 team hours. They taught middle schoolers about STEM, INSPIRING them. Beyond this, this middle-sized team saw a need BEYOND THEIR AREA. Beyond California, beyond the United States, to another country. Helping young people learn English gave those needy young people access to learning STEM in rural areas, supporting a new FRC team there, and more! Their efforts INSPIRED us with its IMPACT. At another level, the members of this team saw the need for government funding and recognition of STEM education. As part of Students Association for STEM Advocacy, three years ago, then as the catalyst and co-founder of California Association for STEM Advocacy, with ANNUAL CONFERENCES and many visits to elected officials, even writing legislation for STEM funding, this team believes “ADVOCACY DOESN’T WORK WITHOUT COMMUNITY”.. Through SCHOOLS OF FISH, this team makes RIPPLES of IMPACT turn into WAVES of CHANGE.

      Engineering Inspiration

      The Engineering Inspiration Award celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school and community.  This team will advance to the Championships and receive a $5000 NASA grant toward registration.


      When you are FORGED IN FIRE your impact is long lasting. No matter the age, no matter the audience, this team promotes STEM and FIRST to all. With a Mo-dest do-meaner (modest demeanor) this team has been recognized by leaders of their community both big and small for their passionate advocacy and actions. Constantly on the go with community engagement this team is SUPER SCO-NIC.

      Regional Winners

      • Team 1323, Madtown Robotics from Madera, CA (Championship Qualifying Award)
      • Team 604, Quixilver from San Jose, CA (Championship Qualifying Award)
      • Team 2035, Rockin’ Bots from Carmel, CA(Championship Qualifying Award – wildcard)

      Regional Finalist

      • Team 971, Spartan Robotics from Mountain View, CA (Championship Qualifying Award – wildcard)

      Dean’s List Finalist

      In an effort to recognize the leadership and dedication of FIRST’s most outstanding FRC students, the Kamen family sponsors an award for selected top students known as the FIRST Dean’s List. This award celebrates a student’s outstanding leadership and effectiveness in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers, both within their school, as well as their community. FIRST Dean’s List Finalists will compete at the championship for the FIRST Dean’s List.

      • Lilja K – Team 115, MVRT
      • Isa B – 9006, Cresent Wing Robotics

      Woodie Flowers Finalist Award

      FIRST stands apart from other competitions in STEM and sports due to the FIRST Ethos of Gracious Professionalism, the concept of Coopertition, and the commitment to the FIRST Core Values. The guiding force behind these principles was Dr. Woodie Flowers. Dr. William Murphy, Jr., who was instrumental in creating the concept of FIRST with Dean Kamen, recognized the unique perspective, wisdom, and communication style that Woodie brought to the FIRST Robotics Competition.

      In honor of Woodie, Dr. Murphy founded the Woodie Flowers Award in 1996. He recognized that the FIRST ethos would be carried forward by our FIRST mentors and sought to celebrate those mentors who demonstrate the leadership, ethical behavior, and communication skills exemplified by Woodie. Woodie believed “societies get the best of what they celebrate”.

      Being recognized by students, through nomination essays, makes this honor very meaningful to mentors. It is truly an honor for a mentor to be nominated for this award.

      •  Eugene Fang – Team 604, Quixilver

      Additional Awards

      Congratulations to the Teams and individuals that earned the remaining awards at the Monterey Bay Regional! See the list here.