FRC Field Request

for FIRST Off-Season Events in California

In addition to hosting official FIRST events through California, FIRST California Robotics is also committed to supporting unofficial FIRST Robotics Competition Off-Season Events.

These could be competitions hosted by team/s or an organization, outreach events to promote FIRST and/or demonstration events. If your team/organization is interested in renting a FIRST Robotics Competition field/game for an event you are hosting, please complete the required steps below.

Off Season FRC Field Rental Process

To secure an FRC Field, for off-season events in California, please complete the following steps:

Requesting Initial Rental/Date Approval

  1. Review the FRC Off-Season Event Criteria & Considerations document
  2. Check FIRST California Robotics – Event Calendar to determine available weekends for your region (Northern or Southern California
  3. Complete the FIRST California Robotics – FRC Field Rental Request Form (see below)
  4. Wait for initial approval from FIRST California Robotics (within 1 week)

Securing Date/s – After Initial Approval

  1. Provide completed and signed 2024 Off-Season Event Agreement (provided after initial approval)
  2. Pay deposit fee of $500 (Payable to “FIRST California Robotics”, P.O. Box 417003, Sacramento, CA 95842)

Securing Field Rental – After Date Approval

  1. Provide proof of Insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  2. Fill out and submit the online FIRST Off-season Event Notification Form
  3. Submit final rental fee of $3,000 to FIRST California Robotics
  4. Provide field drop-off and pick-up details 30 days in advance to FIRST California Robotics
  5. Confirm trained FTA overseeing event.