Sponsor Spotlight: Haas Automation

Sponsor Spotlight: Haas Automation

The Gene Haas Foundation and Haas Automation proudly support FIRST Robotics. For the past 7 years they have supported robotics teams from FIRST LEGO League to FIRST Robotics Competition, as well as sponsoring the Ventura Regional for the past six years.  In addition, they began sponsoring the Las Vegas Regional starting in 2020 and have plans to continue as Haas is building a second US factory in Nevada.

After witnessing the amazing success of and benefit to FIRST students for a number of years, the Gene Haas Foundation increased their support and became a FIRST corporate sponsor for the Championships in Houston and Detroit in 2019. Additionally, millions of dollars of Gene Haas’ personal foundation funds have been donated directly to FIRST teams and FIRST schools with CNC programs for support and scholarships.


The mission of Gene Haas Foundation’s work with schools is to strengthen our country’s manufacturing economy by assisting schools and student organizations in training students for dynamic careers in the manufacturing industry by providing scholarships, teacher training and supporting dynamic organizations such as FIRST. Over 70 million dollars in grants to manufacturing related technologies education has been funded in the last 10 years.

In addition to the work of the foundation, Haas Automation created and fully funds HTEC (Haas Technical Education Centers) more aptly Community where educators can meet in person and digitally for training, networking, collaboration, sharing best practices and developing mentorship for new programs. HTEC conferences are held throughout North America at local schools. HTEC also has industry partnerships with related technology suppliers to assist educators with what they need to run their programs who also participate in conferences and provide resources.

Gene Haas is also known for his love of automobile racing. He owns NASCAR and F1 race teams, as well as a full-size rolling road wind tunnel in North Carolina, WINDSHEAR.


Join Jeremy Bout on a tour of Haas Automation where he talks about some of the many careers found at a manufacturing company.


Haas is also offering online training on how to operate a CNC mill and in the next couple weeks the lathe training will be released as well. For all of you looking for things to learn during these “stuck at home times” check out https://www.haascnc.com/content/haascnc/en/myhaas/haas_certification.html .

The training is FREE.  If you choose to acquire the certification, there is a charge for the test.