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2022-2023 season challenge

Innovate the future in SUPERPOWERED

In the SUPERPOWERED℠ challenge, FIRST LEGO League teams will explore where energy comes from and how it is distributed, stored, and used – and then put their superpowered creativity to work to innovate for a better energy future.

FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams will:

  • Use and apply the FIRST Core Values and engineering design process to develop a robot and Innovation Project solutions.
  • Identify and research a problem related to the season theme then design and create an Innovation Project solution.
  • Identify a mission strategy and design, create, and code a robot to complete missions.
  • Test, iterate, and improve their Robot Design and Innovation Project.
  • Communicate their Robot Design and Innovation Project and demonstrate their robot in the Robot Game.
  • Learn to listen to others ideas and have fun throughout their time together as a team.


Demonstrate FIRST Core Values in everything you do. Your team will be evaluated during the Robot Game and the judging session. Core Values are judged everywhere, Referees at the Robot Game table will also be watching how the teams embody Gracious Professionalism® – the spirit of friendly competition unique to all FIRST programs.

Your team will:

  • Apply teamwork and discovery to explore the challenge.
  • Innovate with new ideas about your robot and project.
  • Show how your team and your solutions will have an impact and be inclusive!
  • Celebrate by having fun in everything you do!


Your team will prepare a short presentation on your robot design, strategy and program.

Your team will also:

  • Identify your mission strategy.

  • Design your robot and programs and create an effective plan.

  • Create your robot and coding solution.

  • Iterate, test, and improve your robot and program.

  • Communicate your robot design process and everyone’s contributions with the judges


Your team will have three 2.5-minute matches to complete as many missions as possible.

Your team will:

  • Build the mission models and follow the field setup to put the models on the mat.

  • Review the missions and rules.

  • Design and build a robot.

  • Explore building and coding skills while practicing with your robot on the mat.

  • Compete at an event.


Your team will prepare a live, engaging presentation to explain the work you have done on your Innovation Project.

Your team will:

  • Identify and research a problem to solve.

  • Design a new solution or improve an existing one, based on your selected idea, brainstorming and plan.

  • Create a model, drawing, or prototype.

  • Iterate on your solution by sharing it with professionals, those that would be impacted and collecting feedback.

  • Communicate your solution’s impact with the judges.

"I don’t use kids to build robots. I use robots to build kids." - Dean Kamen, FIRST founder

2022 – 2023 Season Structure & Timeline


For the 2022 / 2023 SUPERPOWERED season we are trying to provide more opportunity for play if your team chooses to do so. We have multiple levels to play as well as several off-season events.

New This Year: We will also be offering a PlayPack tournament fee where you can pay for three events and use that fee for any three events you choose, you may also play more than three events, we are just trying to make it easier for coaches with the PlayPack.



(Level 1)  Nov 5, 6, 12, 13

  • Every team should compete in a QT event.  This is required to move on to a higher level event.
  • Each QT will have a max of 24 teams.
  • All QTs will be in-Person events.
  • We anticipate about 60% of QT teams will advance to a Regional Event.


(Level 2) Dec 3, 4

  • Teams will advance from their Qualifying Tournament to a somewhat local  Regional event
  • Each regional will support up to 40 teams each.
  • Regionals will be in-person events and can be done in 2 parts to accommodate 40 teams with one awards ceremony.
  • 10%-15% of each Regional will advance to the Championship event.


(Level 3) Dec 17

  • Teams will advance from Regional events.
  • One Championship event for the region to be held in Riverside, CA.
  • The Championship will be an in-person event and accommodate 50 teams.
  • Top teams will have the opportunity to advance to World Festival (1) or another invitational like Razorback or Western Edge (Qty TBD).
  • Event will also include FLL Explore Festival



(Off Season Event) Jan 21, 22

  • Mostly for teams that did not qualify and compete at Regionals.
  • Planning on two events but could change based upon demand.
  • The FLL Cup will be an in-person event with no advancement and accommodate 40 teams.


(Off Season Event) Date TBA

  • Open to all teams.
  • Planning on two events but could change based upon demand.
  • Spring Showdown will be an in-person event and accommodate 40 teams.
  • Includes a new game and an On The Spot Mission.



California – Southern

september, 2022



FLL Championship & Explore Festival – California Southern

FLL Championship & Explore Festival – California Southern

The California Southern Region held the FIRST LEGO League Challenge Championship events for 100 teams at Poway High School (hosted by FRC Team Spyder) and West Ranch High School (hosted by Project 691 Robotics) on December 12, 2021. The events also saw 40 FIRST LEGO...

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Los Angeles FLL – Event Results

Los Angeles FLL – Event Results

Though the events may be virual this year, the excitement is 100% real! The below video captures the surprise and joy from team Athena when they learn they are Champions of the Los Angeles FIRST LEGO League Challenge Championship event. Championship Event - December...

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FIRST LEGO League teams build a brighter future at LEGOLAND

FIRST LEGO League teams build a brighter future at LEGOLAND

In March, LEGOLAND California was host to 2 separate FIRST LEGO League events. Spring Showdown - 3/16-3/17 With the regular FIRST LEGO League season wrapped up, LEGOLAND® California played host to the 11th annual Spring Showdown last month. Spring Showdown is an event...

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Volunteer Opportunities!

Non-Technical and Technical Roles Available

FIRST® LEGO® League is a volunteer-run organization lead by passionate, like minded individuals who see the value in encouraging elementary through middle school students to participate in a program that exposes them to a world of imagination and innovating. 

Why Volunteer?

  • Make a difference in the lives of young people
  • Help young people apply real-world math and science concepts
  • Network with like-minded professionals
  • Help celebrate science and technology
  • Help kids discover the fun in science and technology

Volunteers are needed to enable more than 2,400 Southern California FIRST® LEGO® League students to compete at tournaments and demonstrate what they have achieved.

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