Post Week 4 – Rankings
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Voters Poll
The ‘Voters Poll’ is a voted on by a selected panel of team mentors from across the state of California. Each week, the panel submits their list of who they think are the top 15 teams in the state. A 1st place vote is worth 15 points, 2nd place vote is worth 14 points, 3rd place vote is worth 13 points, etc. Teams are then ranked based on who has the highest point total after all the votes have been submitted.
OPR Poll
The ‘OPR Poll’ is based on who has the highest Offensive Power Rating (OPR) in the state of California. OPR is a way of looking at a team’s estimated contribution to their alliance’s score. This is not the same as average score since that assumes that each team is equally contributing to an alliances score. Instead, OPR takes into account all the alliances a team has played on. A team’s highest OPR score will be used in the poll.
Standard Points Poll
The ‘Standard Points Poll” is based on the FRC Standard District Point Ranking System that was announced in the fall of 2013. This is the same system that is being used by all four ‘regions’ during the 2014 FRC season. The system ranks teams based on the four components of an event: Qualification, Alliance Selection, Elimination and Awards. An explanation of how teams earn points can be found here.
If a team plays at only 1 regional, their score will be doubled. If a team plays at 3 regionals, only their first two regionals will count toward their points total. All events will be normalized to 12 qualification matches. Teams that compete at the FIRST Championship will have their championship points added to their season total. All points earned at the Championship will be worth 3x.
Combined Poll
The ‘Combined Poll’ is a aggregate poll that takes into account the three polls listed above. The ‘Voters Poll’, ‘OPR Poll’ and ‘Standard Points Poll’ are treated as voters in the ‘Combined Poll’. The results of the ‘Voters Poll’ will make up 50% of the points while the ‘OPR Poll’ and ‘Standard Points Poll’ will each make up 25%.
Mathematically it works like this:
Pv = 2 * (21 – Rv)
Po = (21 – Ro)
Ps = (21 – Rs)
Pc = Pv + Po + Ps
Pv / Po  / Ps = The points a team receives for being in a poll. If a team is not ranked in that poll, they will received 0 points.
Rv  / Ro / Rs = A team’s rank in a poll.
Pc = Total combined points. The team with the highest Pc will be ranked 1st in the ‘Combined Poll’.
For example:
Team X is 10th in the ‘Voters Poll’, 2nd in the ‘OPR Poll’ and 15th in the ‘Standard Points Poll’. they will earn to total of 47 points for the ‘Combined Poll’ (22 from the ‘Voters Poll’, 19 from the ‘OPR Poll’ and 6 from the ‘Standard Points Poll’
Team Y is 1st in the ‘Voters Poll’, 10th in the ‘OPR Poll’ and 3rd in the ‘Standard Points Poll’. They would receive a total of 69 points for the ‘Combined Poll’ (40 from the ‘Voters Poll’, 11 from the ‘OPR Poll’ and 18 from the ‘Standard Points Poll’