TOP 20 CA FRC: Prior to Championships

TOP 20 CA FRC Teams
Rankings Before Championships

1.  Team 254 – Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose
2.  Team 1538 – High Tech High, San Diego
3.  Team 1717 – Dos Pueblos HS Engineering Academy, Goleta
4.  Team 973 – Atascadero HS, Atascadero
5.  Team 1662 – Jim Elliott Christian HS, Lodi
6.  Team 2485 – Francis Parker HS, San Diego
7.  Team 971 – Mountain View HS, Mountain View
8.  Team 1678 – DaVinci Academy, Davis
9.  Team 3476 – River Springs Charter School, Dana Point
10. Team 701 – Vanden HS, Fairfield
11.  Team 2984 – La Jolla HS, La Jolla
12.  Team 1323 – Madera HS, Madera
13.  Team 330 – Hope Chapel Academy HS, Hermosa Beach
14.  Team 3970 – Duncan Polytechnical, Fresno
15.  Team 840 – Aragon HS, San Mateo
16   Team 192 – Gunn HS, Palo Alto
17.  Team 399 – Lancaster HS, Lancaster
18.  Team 696 – Clark Magnet HS, La Crescenta
19.  Team 1868 – Bay Area High Schools, Moffitt Field
20. (TIE) – Team 3512 – Orcutt Academy HS, Orcutt
20. (TIE) – Team 3501 – Freemont HS, Sunnyvale

Other teams receving votes this week:
599, 1388, 846, 3309, 604, 1138 ,1622 ,100, 4322, 294, 1836, 1671, 968, 4159

In mainstream sports, the media compiles a list of the top 25 ranking teams. In the Associated Press Poll, rankings are compiled by polling sportswriters across the nation. This poll is similar, in that a qualified panel of experienced and reputable members of the California FRC community vote on who they think the top 20 California Teams are for the 2013 FRC Season.

Voters have picked teams based upon robot success shown at competitions in the past, consistency of the team, build season information about the team’s 2013 robot design and function and performance in 2013 Regionals if they have competed.  Results will be shared weekly.

This poll is clearly an opinion poll of our panel of FRC experts.  Now we’d like to know your opinion.

Are they missing a team? Post you comments, supporting video links and/or photo links showing your ideas for the Top 20 CA FRC Teams.

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  1. Anon FIRSTer says:

    I’d be curious how these picks are assembled…good list of teams, but some of the ordering makes absolutely no sense based on robot performance this year

  2. Teri Benart says:

    I’m glad to see 701 in the top 10.

  3. Matthew says:

    Clark Magnet High School is located in La Crescenta not La Crescentia

    • Rebecca Berggren says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. It’s been fixed. Not sure where that “i” came from. 😉

  4. Daniel C says:

    I understand this is a ranking of robot performance alone
    But I also think that there are more factors that make a good FRC team
    Like sportsmanship and gracious professionalism ,still a great list of some amazing teams great job California FIRST.

  5. Kevin Zhang says:


  6. Kristie2u says:

    So proud of team 701, The RoboVikes!

  7. Doug G says:

    Wow, about 40% of these teams WON’T be at Worlds (8/21)? I haven’t seen them all, but 1662 and 971 have amazing robots this year and would really represent California well at Worlds… I guess in a few years, a state championship will resolve this.

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