FLL SoCal Championships at LEGOLAND California- Nature’s Fury, 2013

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  1. Gulzhan says:

    This message is in resosnpe to anonymous #2’s comment regarding the NXT, Robolab 2.9 and going straight. In preparation for this year’s FLL season I’ve been exploring Robolab 2.9 and the MINDSTORMS NXT system. I too realized the absence of a ‘go straight’ block so I decided to see how easy it would be to write one. In short, it was a bit tricky but not too bad. I’ve posted on the web site I maintain for the robotics program at my son’s elementary school. I welcome any comments anyone has about this.I share the general concern about NXT-G program sizes. of the efforts LEGO is making to solve this issue is encouraging enough that my team is going to start with NXT-G and only switch to Robolab if the space issues end up being a problem. As I mention in the go straight page linked above, I’ve found Robolab 2.9 programs to be about one-tenth the size of their NXT-G equivalents, so I believe there is plenty of room for improvement with NXT-G.=Steve5th year FLL coach

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